Copper Pot Hits up Kicking and Screening and The Best Soccer Show

If you’ve been following our blog and reading our accounts of our latest trip to Egypt, then this isn’t quite news to you, but we had yet to release to the soccer community that Copper Pot Pictures is producing the upcoming Bob Bradley documentary.  That all changed last Thursday.

Copper Pot at Kicing and Screening

Copper Pot at Kicing and Screening

We were honored to have another soccer doc that we produced, KEI, accepted to the Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC.  Once those guys heard that we were working with Bob Bradley on an upcoming movie, they wondered if we’d have anything to show in time for the fest.  While the film won’t be done any time soon since we’ll be following Bradley and his Pharaohs as they attempt to qualify for and play in the 2014 World Cup, we quickly committed to having a featurette ready that would show their audience what we were up to.

Even though we only got back from the shoot a few weeks ago, we managed to put it together in time (thanks in part to some extra hours in the editing suite by @chadnwalker).

The festival crowd was thick with soccer-crazed fans and press and everyone couldn’t have been more receptive to both KEI and the Bob Bradley teaser.  Kicking and Screeningputs on a wonderful fest that’s an impressive blend of fun, great films and great networking.  As it’s a global fest, if you happen to be in Portland or London this September, we recommend catching some movies.

If you’d like access to the featurette we showed at the festival, the website for our Bob Bradley documentary is   If you sign up there for the mailing list, we’ll send you a password for the exclusive content.

A few days after Kicking and Screening, we were happy to do an interview with Jason and Jared from The Best Soccer Show on the North American Soccer Network.  While it was a bit surreal being interviewed about Bob Bradley having only shot footage weeks earlier, the guys from the show were great (you should catch the whole show, but our segment comes in at about 15 minutes in).  They were super knowledgeable, asked great questions and we look forward to keeping them posted about the film as we continue production.