Soooo… we were so ensconced in preparing our Kickstarter campaign that someone (yours truly) neglected to read all of their instructions and, as such, we (I) missed the part about it taking a few days to both verify your account through Amazon Payments AND receive final approval from the Kickstarter staff.

Our friends over at The Doc Hierarchy asked that we run an open and honest Kickstarter campaign, both when things go well and when they don’t, in hopes that it will help educate other filmmakers.  So here’s our first snag: a slight delay of a Kickstarter launch we had hyped up throughout the internet world due to our own oversight.  We’re hoping everything will be cleared by the end of business today (July 16th) or tomorrow (July 17th), but we’ll launch ASAP.

The silver lining in this cloud of embarrassment is that we’ve been contacted by a bunch of people (not just our parents and wives) wondering why we haven’t launched today.  In other words, people care, so we’ve done something right so far (if we were playing for the Mets, we’d be batting a solid .500).

Our next update will have a link to the Kickstarter page.  Sorry this one doesn’t!