So, we had a little internal debate here at CPP not so long ago.  Chad suggested we should be Tweeting more.  I suggested we were Tweeting just the right amount and that Tweeting more would be obnoxious.

I was wrong.

We began Tweeting a lot more–interacting with fans, searching them out by who is talking about Big Bird or Sesame Street, jumping in on Twitter conversations, etc.  Ever since we’ve done that, we’ve noticed a continued, steady growth in the number of Kickstarter backers we have.  It seems that, even though the Twitterverse exists in the ether, when people feel directly connected to a project, even if they’ve only had a Twitter chat about it, they are much more likely to back the project.

We are still wary of clogging people’s feeds, but we’ve learned that it’s not enough to just go out and release amazing content from Caroll’s archives.  People need to feel attached to the project.  Directly engaging them on Twitter has done that.  And now, we’re noticing that the content we’re releasing is catching on more and our number of page views is rising.  Is it a coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

We’ve held back on emailing people a bunch–that’s just annoying–but Twitter has become a great way for us to reach fans and stoke the fires.  While we don’t want to just become noise, we seem to have found a Twitter sweet spot.  Our followers are growing–and so are our pledges.  Let’s hope it continues!