As a company, Copper Pot Pictures has been to Africa a few times now.  As we get ready to head back in a few weeks, I took a minute to look at CPP’s very own Clay Frost’s pictures from our previous trips.  These are my favorites.


The dance the kids from BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT put on will stick with me forever. I love these type of shots, where you see details of an event. The dust kicking up tells you the type of environment we are in – dry. The paint on the legs shows something altogether different – history.



Before we had our African Premiere of BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT, this was the view from the theater.  It was the rainy season in Salone so these beautiful clouds were ever present.  Clay perfectly captured the feeling of the night.  The composition is also great, the canoe dead center in frame really helps the shot have balance.


These kids showed up out of nowhere to play a game of pick up football for us.  They ran around so joyful and full of life.  This kid is checking out Dave who is on the ground just out of frame getting a shot of him in net.


The weather during the rainy season in Salone is amazing.  This shot to me is like a painting.  Separated into three quadrants – three different tones.  Water, sky, clouds.  Something about this picture really draws me in.  I can’t stop looking at it.  I love it!



Stretching out before the pickup game of football.  The kids were so cute.  They really took these games quite seriously.  I think this shot really captures that.


Soccer games on Lumley Beach are intense!  The player in the red shorts is in the midst of a slide tackle here.  Again, I love the details:  The sand being kicked up.  The fact that one player has shoes, the other doesn’t.  The waves in the background.  I was shooting video of this play at the time and whenever I look at this picture I can’t help put complete the action of the slide tackle in my mind.


When we shot BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT we used all natural light for the interviews. Gorgeous!  I love the reflection in Mohammed’s eyes.  We saw him on a later trip to Salone and it was as if we never left.  He walked right up to us and took our hands (a common gesture among boys in Salone showing friendship).  I cannot wait to go back to Salone and see him and the other kids.



Everywhere you look, kids are playing football. I love how Clay captured the ball flying through the air. Details!  This ball is much different than the one used during the Lumley Beach games.  More beat up, deflated slightly.  The kids wear sandals as the ground is much harder and riddled with rocks (although some don’t).  The kid in the foreground is the keeper about to save the shot.  The rock in the lower left hand corner of the frame is actually one of the goal markers.


The view of Freetown from the hills always takes my breath away.  On this clear day, you could see almost the entire city.  Look at the guys on the roof!


The play the kids from BROWNSTONES TO RED DIRT put on about the rebel invasion in Salone will also stick with me forever. Clay totally captured its intensity in this shot.


*All photos shot with Canon EOS Rebel XS with either Canon 28-90mm or Canon EFS 18-55mm lenses