Those of you new to our mailing list might not know that every year at this time we embarrass ourselves for Sierra Leone… specifically, we pack into an RV and head north to Plaster Rock, New Brunswick (Canada) for the World Pond Hockey Championship.  Each year, we pick something embarrassing to do to try to raise money for a Schools for Salone project.  This year, we’re teaming with Kei Kamara, the newest member of the English Premier League, to build a school and home for children in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

As you probably know, SCHOOLS FOR SALONE is a non-profit that builds schools in Sierra Leone (West Africa), a country rebuilding from civil war.  In 2010, our team, the Salone Rangers, raised enough money to construct a latrine for a new school in Freetown, the nation’s capital.  In 2011, we had tremendous success when turning our attention to raising money to sponsor the secondary school education of Sierra Leonean war orphans.  We raised $3,350–enough to send 13 children to school for an entire year.  The next year, we topped it. Now, in 2013, we’re trying to raise $5000, enough to put a room in the school Kei is building.  How are we going to do that?  Glad you asked.


Clay is sacrificing his hair for Sierra Leone.  For $500 pledged, Clay will shave his head completely bald (which he hasn’t done since he was a college swimmer).  And for each $100 beyond $500, he’ll keep it bald for another week.


For $1000, Chad will skate (which itself is a feat) wearing nothing but shorts, into a snowbank, Mystery Alaska style.


For $1000, I will allow Chad to post my acting reel from high school on the Internet, then share it with our mailing list.  I took it too seriously and it’s super embarrassing.  It has nothing to do with hockey, true, but I’ve lost too much hair in the last year to do anything fun with it for charity, so this embarrassment will have to suffice.

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We’re also accepting pledges in the below categories.  Every little bit helps!

$___ general pledge for participating in the tournament

$___ for every goal FOR the Salone Rangers (FYI–there are no goalies, but goals are standard width and six inches high)

$___ for every goal AGAINST the Salone Rangers

$___ for me to execute a “Spin-o-Rama” leading to a goal (never happened before)

$___ for me to attempt a “Spin-o-Rama,” but falling hard (happened many times)

$___ for each win

$___ for each loss

$___ for a Salone Ranger hat trick (three goals in a game)

$___ for every time I fall down

$___ if we get interviewed on HOCKEY NIGHT CANADA

$___ if we get interviewed by American media

$___ for each joke regarding the Canadian pronunciation of “about”

$___ for each bathroom break on the way to Canada

$___ if we make the playoffs

$___ if we advance in the playoffs


Thanks, as always, for your support.  And one more reminder, you can PLEDGE HERE.