For anyone that is new to using cameras that need Firmware updates (like I was), updating your firmware can be a daunting/foreign task.  The first time I had to do it, the email I got from Panasonic saying there was an update for our AF100 sat in my inbox for more than 6 months!!!  I had no idea what to do; it seemed so complicated: Go to this website, download this file… get it to the camera somehow… ah, forget it.  I’ll do it later.  Well, it turned out it wasn’t complicated at all.  Here’s all you have to do (NOTE: ALL STEPS BELOW ARE FOR AF100):

1.) Format your SDHC card in your camera (MENU>CARD FUNCTIONS>CARD FORMAT>SELECT SLOT1>YES)

2.) Download the Firmware update from Panasonic - you’ll get a Zip file on your desktop.  Double click it to unzip.

3.) Either using a card reader, inserting the card directly into your computer or using your AF100 camera, connect your card to your computer so it shows up on your desktop.

4.) Drag the PRIVATE folder from your Panasonic download to your SDHC card.  It will ask you to overwrite the Private folder that is already there – overwrite that sucker!

5.) Eject your card from your computer and put it back in your AF100 (if you weren’t using the AF100 to connect to your computer that is)

6.) VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using your AC Adaptor to power your AF100.  The camera will not update if you are using battery power!

7.) Select MENU>OTHER FUNCTIONS>UPDATE, then select YES.

Don’t be scared if the your LCD screen goes black for a minute or two.  The red light between CAM and PB will start blinking and eventually a message on your LCD screen will pop up saying UPDATING SYSTEM PLEASE WAIT…After a few minutes the screen will again go black.  Give it a few more minutes and your LCD will go back to normal and (drum roll please…) your AF100′s Firmware is updated!!!


It is just that easy!