WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO / by chad walker

It’s been a while since our last overall update and if you weren’t one of our I AM BIG BIRD Kickstarter supporters (shame) and don’t follow us on Twitter (double shame!), you probably have no idea what we’ve been up to.  So, despite being disappointed in you for not being well-versed in all things Copper Pot, we decided to give you a quick rundown on all our Copper Pot-ivities.

I AM BIG BIRD: we’ve reached picture lock on I AM BIG BIRD, our doc about Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch puppeteer Caroll Spinney.  What does that mean?  It means that the picture elements are completely done and we’ll be making no more changes.  We’re thrilled.  We still have some major tasks left to do, namely, finish the score, then do the final sound mix and color correction.  Speaking of the score, it is AMAZING.  Our composer, Josh Johnson, has written such beautiful music for us.  From the beginning, he said this movie felt different than a standard doc.  He wanted to write a more traditional, orchestral score for I AM BIG BIRD.  Mission: accomplished.  It’s beautiful, sweeping and entirely suits Caroll Spinney’s life.  We’ve also been finalizing some animation, which we’re so excited to share.  Our animators tried to replicate the feel of early Sesame Street and the result is incredible.

WE MUST GO: we’re days away from our next trip to Cairo, Egypt to continue production on our film about the Egyptian national soccer team and its quest for the World Cup.  If you haven’t been following the story, Egypt is in the final round of qualification, which pits them against Ghana in two matches, the first of which Egypt lost in Ghana 6-1.  If Egypt doesn’t win the final match, scheduled to be played in Cairo on November 19, by a score of 5-0, the team’s dream of making it to the World Cup is finished.  How does that affect the film?  We’ve always planned to follow the team through the end of the campaign, should it be in qualifiers or in Brazil.  If they don’t make it to Brazil, WE MUST GO will come out before the World Cup.  Let’s all hope that this doesn’t happen and the film includes the team’s miraculous comeback!  We were with them in Ghana and again in Cairo after the match and we’ll say this: the guys still have fight left in them.

KEI: We haven’t forgot about re-cutting KEI, our doc about Sierra Leone international player Kei Kamara… the story just keeps getting more interesting!  After Kei’s loan to Norwich City ended, Kei returned to Major League Soccer’s Sporting KC.  All the experts said that Kei had made such an impression, they wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up back overseas… and they were right.  During the last transfer window, Kei was brought back to England to play for Middlesbrough, where he’s currently tearing it up.  Though the insanity of our shoot with the Egyptian team and finishing Big Bird hasn’t allowed for it yet, we are planning to go catch up with Kei so we can include this most recent stop in England in our film.  The release date for that is… who knows?  Let’s see what happens with that story!

So things are rather busy here for us.  It’s crazy that 2013 is in its final months… hopefully, 2014 will offer you all a chance to see what we’ve been working on the last two years!